All info should be provided in English. Please use CAPITAL LETTERS
Name the City e.g. ATHENS
Teachers Name e.g. GEORGE PAPPAS
Classroom ID:
This ID is given by the teacher to all students and contains the date (yymmdd), the first two letters of the teacher's Name and the first three letters of his/her Surname. For an event taking place on March 19th, 2015 by the teacher GEORGE PAPPAS the ID should be: 150319GEPAP
Student ID:
This ID is unique for every student and will be used in the pre- and post-tests. It consists of the day of the month the student was born, the first two letters of the student's Name and the first three letters of his/her Surname. For the student YANNIS DOUMAS born on the 14th of a specific month the ID would be: 14YADOU




1. In the activity you have to fix the rod vertically to the ground. If the location you choose to fix the rod is vertically on the slope of a hill will your measurement be accurate?

   No, because the axis of the rod must point to the center of the earth.

   Yes, because the rod is vertical to the ground.

2. What is a local noon? How does it change over the year?

   The local noon is at 12.00 local time . It doesnĘt change with respect to the location of a place.

   The local noon is the mid-time between sunrise and sunset. As the duration of the day grows the local noon shifts to later hours.

3. Eratosthenes assumed that sun rays are parallel. However, when we draw the sun we present it as a small yellow disk with divergent rays coming out of it. Which of the following is correct?

   The rays are divergent because the sun is considered as a point source

   The rays are parallel, because the sun is very far from earth